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Sep 16,23


The most stylish artwork and crystal-clear message can be undermined by a lack of attention to detail and the 

correct finishing touches.

At UNMAG, we have worked with hundreds of print finishers to help them apply the ‘attractive’ finishing touch to 

show-stopping printed works of art. If it’s printed, our magnets can be applied; high-end packaging, corporate 

brochures and folders, promotional material, menus, greeting cards and invitations all carry extra panache when 

you add a high performance rare earth magnet. All our rare earth neodymium magnets are finished with a top 

layer of polished nickel providing a sleek, professional finish; alternatively, if you do not wish the magnet to hog the 

limelight, even at just 1mm thick our magnets are strong enough to perform through a layer of card but with the 

subtlety to go unnoticed.

At UNMAG, we take your clients requirements as seriously as you do and we appreciate that in the print finishing 

industry, speed,quality and cost all carry equal importance. No brief is too tough.Through our many years of 

experience working alongside printers and print finishers we have developed a portfolio of magnets and 

magnetic tape products that can meet every need, all available from stock in their thousands the next working 


From UNMAG,you can not only expect the highest quality magnets, we offer incredibly competitive pricing on bulk 

volumes too.If you require just a few units for sample production and prototyping our team of experts will be 

just as eager to help.

Magnets commonly used by printer and print finishers:

Self-adhesive magnets
Magnetic tape
1mm thick magnets

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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!