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Sep 16,23


Our precision manufacturing capability and flexible approach of producing custom, made-to-measure

magnets and magnetic components for the full range of aerospace applications are just two reasons
why UNMAG is a trusted supplier of leading companies, such as CASC, China Moblie.Thales.

As a result of building lasting partnerships with many aerospace companies over the years, we understand

the requirements of the industry at all levels of the supply chain. Whether your magnetic need is for a low-

volume prototype development for an emerging application or for a long-term,scheduled production of

hundreds of thousands of magnets you will receive the same attention to detail from your dedicated account

manager. Our technical expertise, accountability and reliability is what earns us the trust of the companies

we are privileged to work with and the quality of our magnets and assemblies will always stand-up to the

closest scrutiny, even in the most demanding applications. Should you require it, our experts will be quick to

understand your application and able to offer advice on the design and type of magnetic material required

to achieve advantages in efficiency, performance and cost. We are able to provide the necessary paperwork

required at all stages of manufacture including non-disclosure agreements, performance and sample test data,

certificates of conformity, RoHS compliance and REACH certification.

Our magnets can be found performing critical functions inside and outside aircraft,and even at ground control,

racking up thousands of air miles every day.Common applications include rotor assemblies for generators

and motors, positioning and speed sensors, fluid flow and fuel pump sensors, radar installations and even

the seats your passengers will sit on.

Magnets commonly used in the aerospace industry include:

Samarium cobalt (Sm1Co5, Sm2Co17)
Neodymium (N38SH, N42SH, N45H)

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